Friday, June 9, 2017

Using the Right Paint Brush - Port St Lucie Painter

What Paint Brush to Use for my Painting Project?

You may walk into the paint section of a home depot or a Sherwin Williams and be stumped when trying to figure out why someone will pay around $20 for a single brush. Painting Artist, Inc will explain the importance in splurging a little to buy the best paint brush for your project.

First off, never buy those extremely cheap brushes for any painting project on your home. Picking the right brush is key to a great looking finish and not to mention the ease of the painting process itself.

There are two types of "more expensive" brushes to consider.

Natural Bristle

A natural bristle painting brush is best when used for oil base paints, stains, polyurethane, lacquer, shellac, and varnishes.

The natural bristle will provide and easy application and smooth coat. We do not recommend using this natural bristle brushes for water based paints because they tend to absorb the water in the paint.

Synthetic Bristle

Painting Artist, Inc utilizes a synthetic bristle brush when using both water based paints and oil based paint. A quality synthetic bristle brush is available with sanded tips that provide the painter ease when cutting in. It provides a very straight line.

Synthetic bristle brushes have a longer life than the natural ones and cleanup much easier.

Remember to keep in mind that you should buy a brush that will hold more int in the bristles to increase your speed. Always go for the better quality paint brush!

For further guidance in choosing the correct painting products, contact Painting Artist, Inc. 772-626-7159

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