Monday, April 15, 2013

Chalk Board Painting at Home and Work

Chalkboard paint is a great family product or small home offices. There are numerous of DIY projects using this special paint that leaves a smooth slate-like finishes with a chalkboard surface

One of the main brands recommended by Sherwin Williams, our main paint supplier, is the Krylon brand. Their product can be used on multiple types of surfaces including: wood, metal, glass, plaster, and paper.

The lasting finish is unique with a slate-like resemblance. The amounts of projects are endless. Parents become very creative using the chalkboard paint making fun play spaces where their kid's imaginations can run wild.

Here are some common easy chalkboard paint ideas,

  • Chalkboard walls used for scheduling for home offices, calendars  play rooms for kids, recipe boards, content labels for cabinets or doors. 
  • Home-made checker board game on an old piece of furniture.
  • Paint canning jars or storage jars and label them with their goodies.
  • Learning wall for toddlers to practice ABCs and 123s.
Check out these photos for even more ideas that you may enjoy doing for your family.

To consult with a professional painting expert about different ideas for your home or office, call Painting Artist, Inc today, 772-626-7159.

Painting Artist, Inc is a local family operated painting & pressure washing company located in Port Saint Lucie, Florida. We strive to keep each individual customers happy and satisfied with our always honest and affordable services.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Garage Door Painting A Great Way to Brighten up your Home's Appearance

Sometimes simple is just better. We all know this. In the case of having your home remodeled or repainted, not always is simple the best solution but is necessary many times due to budgets of many homeowners.

Painting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to perking up your home's look. Not everyone can purchase full exterior painting package deals so we work with you in ways to help you achieve the right look for your home like for example painting garage doors. This is a great and easy way to grab the eye of the passer by instead of them eyeing your stained front walk ways, moldy roof, well water stained home, dirty gutter, ect. What ever the case may be by having something freshly painted is what it takes to help have a better looking home.

Port St Lucie Florida residents been relying on Painting Artist, Inc. of Port St Lucie to help repaint their homes using quality paint and experienced professionals. Call us today to paint your garage door at a low price starting at $95, 772-626-7159.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Driveway Painting Specials in Port St Lucie Florida

Driveway painting is becoming very popular in Port St. Lucie Florida and many more homeowners are calling us requesting this service. Due to the high demand Painting Artist, Inc would like to extend a great price for having your Driveway Painted for only $369! 

What are the benefits of Driveway Painting?

  • Stunning Appearance- Many customers request designs and details to be painted in their driveway
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Prevents Mold Growth
  • Increases the value of your home
  • Easier reflection on your eyes during bright sunlight

Painting Artist, Inc. is a local family owned company here in Port St Lucie. We are licensed and fully insured for everyone's protection. Our customers leave excellent reviews you can find online through our Google + page by clicking

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Do not hesitate to call today to find out more information on this $369 Deal, 772-626-7159.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Painting Artist, Inc Hired for Repainting Old Liberty Medical Building in Port St Lucie Florida

The awarded Painter for the remodeling project at the Express Scripts Building, formerly the Liberty Medical Building next to the previous location of Aegis, is Painting Artist, Inc. The interior remodeling project is contracted through Cork-Howard Construction out of Georgia and Tampa. Part of the project is to repaint the interior call center walls, training rooms, and all offices using Sherwin Williams Quality Paints. Overall the entire project nears $1 Million. This contract between Cork-Howard and Express Scripts confirms that Liberty Medical did indeed close their location at this site for good hence the many rumors.

The hired painting contractor, Painting Artist, Inc. is a small family operated company in Port St Lucie, Florida. The owner Fabian Leon is on site each day working besides his workers ensuring a quality job done and satisfied customers. Painting Artist, Inc. offers residents affordable painting services, roof cleaning, and pressure washing services. Other familiar painting projects Painting Artist, Inc. has done is the Colonial Country Day School on Port St. Lucie Blvd. The team of professionals painters at Painting Artist, Inc all come from a background in the painting industry. You may recognize the lead painter as he is featured in a mural painted high on a Downtown Stuart Condo Building done by an artist watching him work.

Residents of Port St. Lucie are encouraged to contact Fabian Leon, Owner, for free estimates on repainting your residential home, eliminating mold growth on your roof or siding, driveway painting, and much more! If you're seeking advice, do not hesitate to call us, 772-626-7159.