Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Black Friday Port St Lucie FL

Black Friday does not only have to be for shopping here in Port St Lucie!

Florida Painting Artists Corp is extending Thanksgiving Thanks to all Port St Lucie Florida residents interested in having their homes painted.

Call us today and ask about our affordable painting services here in Port St Lucie!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Ceiling Painting - Painting Contractor

Ceiling Painting Done Right

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Find us at Painting Company Port St Lucie Fl

Painting Company Port St Lucie Florida

Painting Company Port St Lucie FL

Tired of the same look for the last several years? Try some change, add some color, be a little different this year!

Painting is the most affordable way to adding a special touch to your home. Its the easiest way of making a 'Big Change". Color and adding a personalized touch to your home will bring a more positive vibe to your home and self. 

At Painting Artists Corp of Port St Lucie, we are here to help you achieve exactly what you want for your home and even business. 

We are a family operated business and take pride in our painting services. Our customers will tell you that we are one of the few honest and fair painting companies in Port St Lucie. In fact we have tons of reoccurring customers each year!

Call us for a free Painting Estimate today, no obligations, (772) 626-7159!

Make that change and have a happier home!

Painting Company Port St Lucie FL

Painting Company Port St Lucie FL

Painting Company Port St Lucie FL

Painting Company Port St Lucie FL

Painters - Pool Patio Painting - Port St Lucie FL

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Port St Lucie FL Cabinet Painting, Refacing, Refinishing, and Staining

Port St Lucie is home to hundreds of painters but only very few qualified cabinet refinishers.

Painting Artist, Inc is a local cabinet painting expert offering, staining, refacing, and refinishing services for cabinets and other wood surfaces.

Call our offices today for further details on our company and references, 772-626-7159.

Wood Staining - Furniture Refinishing - Cabinet Refinishing

Wood Staining - Furniture Refinishing - Cabinet Refinishing

Finding a licensed and experienced painter to handle some of your most delicate projects can be tricky. Residents in Port St Lucie & throughout the Treasure Coast know they can rely on us, Painting Artist, Inc to provide the upmost quality painting, Wood Staining, Furniture Repainting, and Cabinet repainting.

We are excited for our next great painting project, please call us now!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Match your Driveway to your House Color

I think we can all agree that matching colors is best. When it comes to your home especially, we do not need any odd ball designs. At Painting Artist, Inc we encourage our customers to always match colors or have flowing colors. One easy way to increase your home's appearance is by painting your driveway a matching color to your home. Here is a driveway we painted this past week in East Port St Lucie, FL.

For estimates on painting your driveway call our office, 772-626-7159

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Painting Beautifully Designed Florida Homes

Painting Artist, Inc is quality painting contracting company serving homeowners and businesses across Florida. We specialize in custom design painting, new construction painting, and repainting services. 

Contact our offices for an immediate free estimate to paint your home today, 772-626-7159.