Sunday, February 24, 2013

Top Reasons Why You Should Paint your Port St Lucie Florida Home

We are all on the same page of wanting the most for our money, the biggest bang for our buck, right? Well painting your home is one of the most cost efficient way for home improvement projects. Painting is simple, easy, and fast especially if performed by qualified professionals. 

Painting Artist, Inc explains the top reasons on why you should re-paint your Port St Lucie Home:

  1. Enhances the Appearance of your most prized possession  Having newly and freshly painting exterior surfaces to your home is an obvious eye pleaser.
  2. Boosts the Value of the Home- Any freshly painted home in Port St Lucie is worth more than the home with a 10 year paint job!
  3. Eliminate Crappy Paint Inside your Home- Some paints have high VOC and are potentially a health hazard. Re-paint your home with zero VOC paint to increase the indoor atmosphere quality of air.
  4. Hides Markings on Walls- No home is a good home with holes, dings, markings, and stains. It decreases the positive energy and can decrease your mood spirits as well. Read our blog on Paint Feng Shui.
  5. Protects the interior and exterior surfaces of your home- Quality paint can help protect your home in cases of severe water exposure. 
  6. Positive Energy for your Home and Family- Keep your home looking beautiful to increase your positive energy for yourself, family, and visitors. 

 Port St Lucie has many painting companies, but be sure they are licensed and insured. Not to mention are their employees background and drug checked? 

Port St Lucie Fl residents can trust Painting Artist, Inc of PSL who is a family operated painting company. Painting Artist, Inc is licensed and insured in St. Lucie County Florida and has very respectable painting team members who are all qualified and experienced. Fabian Leon is the owner of Painting Artist, Inc and is devoted to working with his community in providing the most quality painting and pressure washing results.

Call us today to have your questions answered to your painting needs or concerns, 772-626-7159. As always we are here to serve you and our honest with our service and rates. Free Estimates are available immediately. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Springtime is Perfect for Changing Color in your Port St Lucie FL home: Painting Spring in Port ST Lucie Florida

Change is always a great thing for a person. It allows the person to sense a new beginning a fresh palette to start again. Spring is my favorite time of the year because of the newly sprouting flowers and fresh smelling morning air.

Wouldn't it be perfect to capture those spring mornings and plaster it all over your walls inside! Let us capture any moment you enjoy and paint it in your home.

Young Spring Envision:
It capture the early spring days in your home try a vibrant Yellow, off white, and green.

Ocean's Springtime:
Live by  the ocean and want to capture the spring and the sea? Great, lets try deep green-blue hues, light tan colors for the sandy touch, and another deep neutral color you like (maybe one with the name cookie in it!)

Spring Showers:
Who does not enjoy that clean fresh smell of rain in Spring...
Let it shower in your home using a fresh light and neutral pink/ mauve hue, light off-whites or pastel tans, a dark grey for the clouds, and sprinkle of pastel blues for the water feel.

Call Painting Artist, Inc of Port St Lucie Florida today to consult with our professionals on color changing your home to capture the mood you love! 772-626-7159

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Painting Artist, Inc of Port St Lucie is Found on Angie's List

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