Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painting Stripes on or in your Port St. Lucie, Treasure Coast FL Home

There is nothing wrong with being different, and by different we mean unique!

Stripes, circles, lines OO My!
Why not add some uniqueness inside your Florida home. A popular choice among many of our Treasure Coast customers are metallic stripes. The paint reflects a metallic like surface bring attention to your walls but painting stripes in metallic paint is even better.

You do not have to choose metallic paint, any paint will do. Stripes are a bold move for any home, making your home something to remember for sure with each guest you have.

This photo is a project we did in West Palm Beach. The home was right on Flagler, great location for any home. The customer requested these gold metallic stripes in her bar room. As you can see, it was pure success and she loved it! She & her family loved it so much, her sister ended up doing this idea in her daughter's room but in pink....

If you would like to consult with professionals about having stripes or other designs painted on your Florida home, call Painting Artist, Inc now , 772-626-7159.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Specials for Pressure Washing in Port St. Lucie Florida

Memorial Day weekend is here! This is the time when we thank those who made it possible for us to have the life we have in America! Not to mention the incredible deals in stores.

The deals should not be limited to the stores! Painting Artist, Inc is offering residents of St. Lucie County great rates on Pressure Washing this weekend.

Pressure Washing Deals for Port St. Lucie

  • Exterior House Pressure Washing $100
  • Driveway Pressure Washing Single- $35 Double $50
  • Pool Patio Pressure Washing $90

These prices are based on typical PSL homes between 1000-1300 Square Feet

Call now to lock in these prices. You do not have to schedule them this weekend, but surely you do not want to lose out on saving money!

Painting Artist, Inc. is the most affordable pressure washing company in Port Saint Lucie, FL, Call Now 772-626-7159.

Monday, May 20, 2013

History of Port Saint Lucie, Florida - "Santa Lucia" Our Home on the Treasure Coast

History of Saint Lucie, Correctly known as "Santa Lucia" to Historians

Port Saint Lucie Florida holds much history dating back to the 1800s when our area, mostly including Fort Pierce, was used for the production of Pineapple and distributing them to the world. The land was inhabited by Seminole Indians and runaway slaves. The construction of the fort was begun on the day of the Feast of the Roman Catholic Saint Lucia.

From there the history of our city and county began. The Santa Lucia land stretched from Vero Beach to Stuart, Florida. We now call this the Treasure Coast.

Many homes throughout the counties are very old and are historical sites. Restoring them takes only a professionals touch.

Painting these homes is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to spruce up the property.

Not all homes are old however, Over the several hundred years, new homes were built and many commercial developments were built also. Now in current day, these properties all will need some maintenance whether now or in the future. 

Painting Artist, Inc would like to offer residents this rare chance to have their home re-painted with premium paint and a professional contractor in lead. 

We are a devoted family operated business making Port St Lucie Resident Homes Beautiful at affordable rates. 

Call for additional details entailing our services and for special prices.



Other licensed services include:

Specialty Painting 
Interior Painting
Pressure Washing
Chemical Cleaning
Roof Cleaning - Asphalt & Tile
Driveway Cleaning/ Painting
Tile roof Painting


View our page for more company pgotos and reviews.

Photo Credit of the www.stlucieco.gov 

Monday, May 13, 2013

$35 Single Car Pressure Washing in Port Saint Lucie Florida

Yes, You read that correctly. We are offering you a chance to have you single car driveway pressure washed for only $35. You must call to request this special offer and receive the terms. Terms only apply to those with larger than single care driveways.

Painting Artist, Inc is the most trusted Family operated painting and pressure washing company in Port St. Lucie Florida. We strive to keep each individual customer happy and coming back for more deals.

Call us today to find out about more low cost services like pressure washing or painting pool patios or other concrete surfaces.

We are a licensed painting contractor offering many fine quality services:

Interior Painting Starting at $85

Exterior Painting starting at $975

Pressure Washing of all cleanable exterior surfaces

Roof Cleaning

Wood Painting

Deck Painting

Patio Cleaning or Painting

Call us NOW at 772-626-7159!

Residential Home Painting Services in Port St. Lucie Florida- Deals Starting at $975

Painting services has always been the easiest way to brighten up any home on the Treasure Coast, FL. We believe at Painting Artist, Inc. that all residents of our area including PSL deserve a beautiful looking home at affordable prices.

Not every paint job has to be expensive but yes it does have to be quality work. That's what we stand by here, Painting Artist, Inc delivers each home a long last and beautiful finish that is guaranteed workmanship for one year. Our lasting finishes are affordable tarting at only $95 including paint and labor.

Our last customer is a resident in St. Lucie West, FL off Rosser, and we made her day, no more like her year by painting her smaller sized home for $950 with paint and labor. She is returning customer from our power washing services.

Do not hesitate to give us a call, we work closely with each customer we have offering great deals, money off, and financing opportunities. Painting Artist, Inc is not here for the $ but is here for the community. We want residents of Port Saint Lucie to trust and know we are just like them, individual family of PSL making an honest living.

Call today for a free estimate on your house, driveway, interior rooms, office space, roofs, patios, and any other surfaces you need pressure washed or painted, 772-626-7159!

You now have an option to contact us directly from our website here.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Priming your Walls before Painting your Home

We see it more than enough, homeowners being skimpy on the cash spending when it comes to repainting their houses. There are many ways out of spending top dollar and getting some what of a great quality paint job. You literally get what you pay for.

There are several leading paint supply corporations you can choose from based on your price range. Homeowners many times skip the priming of their walls prior to painting them. Why, to save money. It just does not work especially if the color that already exists is bright or dark like red.

When deciding on painting your home, always consult with a professional to be sure you are using the right products and correct methods. Priming is important to hide whats below the surface. You surely do not want to see the underneath color showing through. How embarrassing that would be. As painting contractors in Port St. Lucie Florida, we always get requests to skip the primer! We do not get anything out of not using it, we just want our services to have beautiful finishes and many times when primer is needed and not used it is a disaster. Now when you consult with a professional painter, they will give you the many choices and price ranges.

If your painting your home alone without professional painting contractors, then our advice is to try out a quality paint with primer inside. This will save you time and money.

Please do not hesitate to call for further ideas on priming your home.

Port Saint Lucie Florida residents, be sure to call or email us for Free estimates.

Painting Artist, Inc. is your local PSL and Treasure Coast Painting Company- Family Operated