Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Painting over Smoke Damaged Areas - How to Properly Prepare and Paint walls with smoke damage from Cigarettes, Fire, Candles and More

Smoke, Soot, and Cigarette Smoke can be the worst thing for your painted walls or ceilings. Trying to paint over the walls affected by one of these types of smoke can be the hardest challenge you may come across when trying to paint. It is very common to come across these problems in any home. Smoke damage and staining can be caused from a number of things: Candles, Fireplace smoke, small fires, cigarette smoke / nicotine staining. They are all equal in the challenge of painting over them. 

Painting over the problem may seem like a simple solution to getting rid of it but it's not. You should try to remove the smell and staining prior to painting. Otherwise painting may be extremely difficult in trying to cover the areas and the smell may seep through the fresh paint. 

Painting Artist, Inc properly takes the correct steps in eliminating the damaged area to ensure a nice clean painted area in the end. 

  1. First it is imperative to clean the mess with a chemical cleaning sponge and then the use of a strong cleaner. 
  2. Then we will prime the area. Depending on the degree of damage or smell from the nicotine, we will utilize the correct primer. Not just any primer will do. Otherwise the smell will surely bleed through.
  3. Once the smell and damage is blocked properly, we are ready to apply the highest quality of paint. 
If your home has smoke damage or an unpleasant smell on your walls from nicotine smoke, contact Painting Artist, Inc today to have it eliminated. 

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