Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cleaning up your Backyard and House with Pressure Washing Services

Making your backyard look cleaner is simple with a little pressure washing. Summer time is literally around the corner which means, BBQs, family and friend gatherings, graduation parties, and more are almost here. Check out your backyard surroundings. Ask yourself are my soffits black with dirt or algae? Is my screen enclosure filthy? Is the concrete patio looking dirty and have stains? Even the exterior of the house can be dirty.

You can have all the embarrassing filth erased in less than a few hours with a high pressure wash by Painting Artist, Inc (Your local painter and pressure washer). Take advantage of our great prices:

  • House Pressure Washing $90-135
  • Patio Pressure Washing $65 (Furniture must be removed and square footage under 850)
  • Soffit Cleaning $75-90
  • Fence Pressure Washing or Chemical Cleaned $85-125
Call us for a better and more accurate estimate with a discount Today, 772-626-7159.

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