Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pressure Washing a House in Florida Prior to Painting It- Correct cleani...

Watch how Painting Artist, Inc. of Port Saint Lucie, Florida Pressure Washes a House to prepare it for paint application.

In previous posts we discussed the importance in cleaning the surface to be painted to prevent and defects of the paint job when it dries or later down the road.

During the process of pressure washing the exterior home, you may notice that your actual taking off some paint, which i a good thing! Get all that dried old paint off the surface so you can have a nice clean smooth surface to paint on.

Have Fun Painting!



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  2. It is really best to pressure wash the surface prior to painting. It's the easist way to remove previous paint and all other dirt on the surface. Plus, pressure washing is not a difficult job so it will save you time and trouble from removing the previous paint and dirt.


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