Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Driveway Painting Services for Port Saint Lucie and Treasure Coast Florida

Driveway Painting Services for Port Saint Lucie and Treasure Coast Florida

It happens more than it should, non-licensed contractors posing as professional driveway painters when they actually never performed the job. Florida is full of these people. Always check your contractors information by calling the city licensing board to verify they are a legit and reputable company. 

There are many steps involved to ensure your driveway will have a long lasting finish and quality performance. Not all painted driveways are created equal! It depends on the workmanship used and the quality of products utilized during the painting process. Not just any paint can be used to paint a driveway, and only a licensed painting contractor would know. There are appropriate steps and preparations needs to be performed in order to have a long lasting driveway appearance. 

At Painting Artist, Inc. we have years of experience in painting driveways and the knowledge on the correct preparations and procedures to take when it comes to applying a coat or painted finish to your driveway. 

Call us or contact us here for further details on what steps are necessary to paint your driveway, 772-626-7159.


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  2. I had no idea you could have a driveway painted! We recently had these driveway pavers installed. Does the process work on these types of driveways, or only on solid concrete/asphalt?

    1. You can seal them for protection from mold and natural elements but not paint.