Monday, April 15, 2013

Chalk Board Painting at Home and Work

Chalkboard paint is a great family product or small home offices. There are numerous of DIY projects using this special paint that leaves a smooth slate-like finishes with a chalkboard surface

One of the main brands recommended by Sherwin Williams, our main paint supplier, is the Krylon brand. Their product can be used on multiple types of surfaces including: wood, metal, glass, plaster, and paper.

The lasting finish is unique with a slate-like resemblance. The amounts of projects are endless. Parents become very creative using the chalkboard paint making fun play spaces where their kid's imaginations can run wild.

Here are some common easy chalkboard paint ideas,

  • Chalkboard walls used for scheduling for home offices, calendars  play rooms for kids, recipe boards, content labels for cabinets or doors. 
  • Home-made checker board game on an old piece of furniture.
  • Paint canning jars or storage jars and label them with their goodies.
  • Learning wall for toddlers to practice ABCs and 123s.
Check out these photos for even more ideas that you may enjoy doing for your family.

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